Multiple Desktops

Hey guys!

I have this special question about KDE…

I’ve got an TV (plugged to my pc with hdmi)
and a normal monitor (which is plugged into vga).
I want my monitor to act as my chatting, writing, surfing platform and my TV for displaying movies e.g. DVDs.

Is there a way I can apply the hardware to the multiple desktops available in KDE?

Probably tricky :S

Any help is greatly appreciated!


So basically you want to have dual monitors and use one for media like movies?

Also, which version of openSUSE are you using and which version of KDE?

Take Care,


Hi Ian,

thanks for your reply.
I’m on Suse 11.1 and KDE 4.1.
Basically thats what I want yea!
Currently i have a dualmonitor, where the picture is the same.




Click the application launcher (Kmenu or “start button”) then go to Configure Desktop (Personal Settings). Under the category Computer Administration, click Display then choose one of the monitors for setting to the right or left of the other. Keep one absolute. Then apply the settings. You can also fool around with the settings just to see what works best for you.

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Thanks man! You solved my problem :slight_smile:
I tried something like this before but somehow it didn’t work. Thanks! rotfl!