Multiple Desktops Disappeared


I’m using KDE 4.2.4 on openSuse 11.0 32-bit.

I accidentally removed my multiple desktop pager from my screen - and I can’t get it back. I’ve tried the control panel and I can see the screens which I have set up listed; however, they don’t appear in my taskbar.

Anyone know how to get it back?

Right click the desktop unlock widgets.
Now expand the panel from the icon in lower right corner of your screen to see the edit options.
Add widget - find pager and add.
You may need to move it to place then lock the widgets

Thanks - that helps a lot. I now have the desktop set the way I want it - but there is a “pager” starting in the middle of my screen now when I boot up! I can close it and it doesn’t affect anything - but how do I stop it auto-starting?

You are using kde4 correct?
Your sig lists kde3…

Anyway. I assume you have a pager in the panel now?

Any widgets in the area we know as the Desktop should if the widgets are unlocked, have a X in a handle when you hover it with the mouse. Click the X and it should delete it.
Then lock the widgets again.

Thanks for the pointer re the signature.

I’ll try what you say re the pager on the desktop. It’s not a big issue, it’s just a minor annoyance.

This is really weird. As soon as I sent my response, I rebooted and the pager has now disappeared, without me doing anything. I wasn’t aware that KDE/OpenSuse was psychic - but I like it!

Plasma is still a bit random. It was pretty buggy way back, mostly it’s all ironed out now. But you get the odd bit of strange behaviour.

Hope that’s sorted you out anyway.