Multiple Accounts in Evolution: is this possible?

I want to handle email from several accounts that I have. I would prefer to continue to use Evolution as it offers spell checking functions and capability that far exceed those in Thunderbird. Can Evolution be used in this way?

I would also like to install a news-reader client - which I know that Thunderbird will provide. Can I read news in Evolution?

If not what do people recommend for mail and news functions? An effective spell checker is a key requirement for me.

Yes it will support multiple email accounts and nntp accounts. Just go
to preferences then on mails accounts add here. When the wizard asks
you for server type, select usenet news instead.

I prefer claws-mail. Covers all of your requirements and can also add

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Thanks for this advice. I have set up Evolution with 3 email accounts. This appears to aggregate the input from the 3 accounts into 1 single Inbox. I would like to have a separate set of mailboxes for each account. Is this possible?

How does Claws Mail handle this?

I read as much as I could about Claws Mail functions, but cannot tell how effective the spell checker is . Whose dictionary and thesaurus does it use?

Finally I have a small problem with news handling in Evolution, which I have made the subject of a separate thread.

You should be able to create the folders where you want your
accounts to go then set this in the Account ‘Default’ tab

The spell checker is aspell, I would assume this is also the one used
by Evolution.

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