Multimonitor Gnome 3 converted from KDE4 OpenSuse 11.4

Hi All,

Installed Gnome 3 on my OpenSuse 11.4 KDE laptop. Got two monitors, the built in monitor and the external. Under KDE the second monitor works fine, shows up as VGA1 and can be configured to work as an extended monitor, etc. Under the new Gnome 3 install the monitor shows up in the settings dialog but the monitor itself always says ‘no signal’ regardless of the configuration I use.


Lenovo R500 running OpenSuse 11.4 64-bit (originally with KDE4 desktop)
4 Gigs ram, built-in Intel video card.

Again, configuration under KDE works fine but under Gnome 3 I don’t get a signal to my second monitor.

Haven’t located any other threads covering this kind of behavior but Google searches indicate that early versions of Gnome 3 had multi-monitor problems.

Any hints on where to start looking for a solution?



Nevermind, got it working. Ended up logging into KDE and setting everything up then logging out and adjusting the display settings a second time in Gnome. The monitor still didn’t come on at first but after setting the display to mirrored and then setting it back to one desktop it finally kicked in correctly. Not sure what the real problem there is so I’m worried about it repeating the flaw but for now its working.