So I’ve been using linux for a little while now (ubuntu, mint, etc) And those I’ve enjoyed very much but now I want to move on to something more advanced and more customizable, something that screams linux. So I’ve downloaded and installed the live cd and and I know that with todays use of the internet it is relatively easy to enable codecs to play dvd, avi, mp3, wmv, and such but I have one very big problem. I do not have internet access at home and thus can not enable it via internet thus my question is

Is there any alternative methods of enabling those mulitimedia codecs without being connected to the internet while instaling. I know that there are rpms but most rpms do not contain all the dependicies needed to actually intall a program so my question then becomes is there any place that you can download the rpms that contains all the nesscary files?

And one last question

Will the multimedia codec back from the Mplayer team work with suse 11.0?

How to Install Multimedia Codecs in Linux - Enjoy your movies! - Softpedia

And as part of that question I did not really look much into the multimedia tab after installing so does it come with a video player or audio player other than amarok on the live cd version not the dvd. thank you for taking the time to read this and helping.


I always do my updates from the web. I’m sure you can download things to your hard drive and then do a offline use of that but I’m not sure how. In the minimum you could try to install what you want, save the entire list to a file, download all the packages and the manually install them but don’t try this. There must be an official way. I just don’t know it.

But about the media support it is reasonably easy. Just go to the applications menu and search for “repositories”. Run the “Choose Repositories…” and add Packman and VideoLan from the community repositories. You can then install xine, mplayer, and win32codecs to have what you need (by default it does not provide much multimedia support). So, as you can see, it’s much simpler than the article from the link you provided (assuming you have and Internet connection). You can take the opportunity to install flash and mp3 support :). Just search for those terms.

You can install just about everything you could ever possibly need through Yast. There is also the 1-Click Install page on the Suse website.

If you really want “Advanced” and “Screams Linux” then you have to try Slackware, Debian and Gentoo at least once.


You could always download the OpenSuSE DVD and add it as a repository… I wouldn’t know exactly which codecs it contains though, because I always download distro CDs, and not DVDs.

I would have a look here and here


Thank you all for all the kind replies. I’m aware of the one click install from Suse. And I’m also aware of the repositories that contain codecs. I do not have the web at home which makes it impossible to do it that way unless the DVD does contain codecs which is mainly my only problem. I’m not sure but I thin that the one click install may also require access to the internet in order to intall programs.

And geoffro thank you for the site that you had given unfortunately it keeps giving me an error message. This is what it says "Database error
A database query syntax error has occurred. This may indicate a bug in the software. The last attempted database query was:
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from within function “Database::indexInfo”. MySQL returned error “5: Out of memory (Needed 1047880 bytes) (”.

Again thank you for all your help and if you can help more I’d greatly appreciate it. Especially if you can tell me how to get mp3 or mp4 to work in amarok without internet.


What you need is here:

OpenSuSE 11.0 Some Packages+Dependencies June 2008 - Page 4 - openSUSE Forums

and here:

Multimedia Pack 2008 Para Open Suse 11 « Weblog Tecnologico

in this second option you have a video tutorial about how to use the pack, you don`t need internet to install any of them, they have all dependencies.