Multimedia Woes - One-Click install does abosolutely nothing

Hello All,

I just installed SUSE 11, even though I heard multimedia was a bit of a bother because, well - I just had to try it :slight_smile:

However, I didn’t figure on it begin this much of a problem.

Banshee / Totem plays MP3’s just fine - so all good there. But NONE of my XVID / MPEG4 files play.

Now, I read about this and used the one-click installer I was directed to. It installed all the codecs, MPlayer and VLC.

  • Mplayer gives me a “error opening/initializing the selected video_out (-vo device)”
  • VLC plays the video, but NO sound
  • Banshee plays the sound, but NO video

I’m really at my wits end here, and I need a hand :slight_smile:

I’d prefer if I could watch video in Bashee, but whatever will have to do, I guess.


Søren Andersen,

Sorry to read about your problem. Did you install xvid? mpeg4ip ? How about w32codec-all ?

Also, note you can go here:
PackMan :: Main page
and use the quick search function in the upper left of the page to get a flavour as to the codecs and stuff that are available for Linux.

I installed everything via the 1-click thing (using “Customize”, I think it was called).
I’ve now installed PackMan :: Informationen zum Paket xvid and PackMan :: Informationen zum Paket mpeg4ip (both) to no avail. (Though I have not rebooted / logged out yet).

The installs also seem… Strange. While installing the MPEG4 one, it took 10-15 mins, and I had to download and install everything from some stuff to LDAP and Sambda!?

Oh, and Totem still tells med XVID / MPEG4 is not installed…



How about w32codec-all ? :confused::confused:

Can you post somewhere a sample of this video clip that is giving you problems so I can check it out?

Have you installed the packman packaged libxine1 and xine-ui ?

Also, I recommend you try to grow out of the “one-click-install” crutch, and use software management software directly that gives you more control over what you are doing. ie. Setup your repositories and use YaST, zypper or even smart software package manager.


I used the One-Click installer and installed everything from there - including w32codec-all, and the xine stuff. Though if what you mentioned is not in this pack - then no, I have not installed it :slight_smile:

I then manualle tried the links I previously posted, downloaded the RPM’s, and just ran them and told them to install…

As far as the file goes, I think the easiest would be to for instance try: - Call of Duty: World At War - Full Length Debut Trailer
(download -> MP4 for iPod) and try to run it. It gives me:
Requires the following decoders:
MPEG-4 Video Decoder
MPEG-4 AAC Decoder



Just checked (by downloading and trying to install) and both
libxine1 and xine-ui are installed.



Ensure you have the packman packaged xine and not the crippled Novell/SuSE GmbH xine.

I downloaded the video in all 3 formats: mp4, wmv and mov. They all played successfully on both my 10.3 and 11.0 openSUSE with xine-ui, vlc, smplayer, and ffplayer.

Maybe try installing libffmpeg0.

It puzzles me that you can’t get this to work … I spent less than 30 minutes setting up my multimedia after my openSUSE install. … but then I don’t use the “one-click” stuff. I simply add my repositories (packman and the openSUSE OSS, NON-OSS and Update), selected the 3 apps I wanted (vlc, smplayer, xine-ui) and my software package manager handled the remainder for me. Thats all I had to do. It was that simple and that fast.

So, I just reinstalled SUSE 11. Installed smplayer, and it plays my files great! :slight_smile:

This is an OK solution, but really not perfect… TBH, I would have preferred to be able to play my files in Banshee. (Superior playlist management!)

What can I do to get Bashee to play this stuff? Where can I read up on what to do, if nothing else?