Multimedia Tune-up for 11.3


I’ve recently installed 11.3 version (x64-KDE) and I’m trying to tune-up all the multimedia stuff.

On 11.2 version I’ve found a multimedia all-in-one package to install almost anything you need with few work, but I’m unable to found anything similar with v11.3.

I’m wondering if anyone knows of this package for the new version or, if it’s not currently available, anyone could give me detailed instructions (the easiest the better, I’m quite new to linux yet) to install ffmpeg, mplayer and mencoder.

I’ve already installed VLC 1.1.1 (I think maybe some of previous programs is included in this installation?)

Thank you.

First of all enable the Packman repository and install anything you want from there.

Oooook, Packman repository was added but for any reason wasn’t enabled. I’ve enabled it and searched for desired software. All up and running.

Thank you.