multimedia plugins

hi i am new to open suse.i was using linux has all multimedia opensuse it has no multimedia plugins are installed by default.i want all multimedia plugins to amarok,banshee and to download and install them.please give me instructions step by step.

Thank you.

You mean multimedia codecs. Right??

Also post the output of this command

# zypper lr -d

Here is a fairly easy way → Multimedia in One Click

Yes i mean the multimedia codecs.

And here’s the complete instructions, post #5 for openSUSE 11.4
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide

there is no output for me.

Open your terminal and write that.

i typed the commans on konsole terminal really there was no output for i am following the reply of the knurpht.

Let’s take it step by step. Open your terminal and write that


Give your password
And then you write that

# zypper lr -d

zypper lr -d
also works as a normal user
all that command dose is output a list of installed repos
and whether they are on or off and really not needed for us to see
fallow the the guide" Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide " in post 5

and copy/paste the commands a typo is very easy to do .

for new users i would recomend reading the guide a few times then do it.

thanks for all your quick response guys now my problem is fixed.