Multimedia Keys on a BT keyboard

Hello community,

I would like to know how could I get all my multimedia keys working. I’ve just replaced my keyboard and I’m having issues. I have 10 multimedia keys: Mute, Volume+, Volume-, Play/Pause, Music Player, PC, Calculator, Home, Mail, and Favourites. My old keyboard had the same multimedia keys, but due to their somewhat awkward ergonomy, I used only first four mentioned above.

  1. Keys working out of the box: Mute, Volume+, Volume-, Play/Pause - I’ve used them on the previous keyboard and they work on the new one too.

  2. Keys I was able to set up via KControlCenter → Shortcuts → Global shortcuts: PC (runs Dolphin),

  3. Keys I WASN’T ABLE to set up via KControlCenter: MusicPlayer (@Amarok, though it seemed to work at some point), Calculator (@KCalc), Home (run new Chromium window, it instead works as go-to-default-web-page), Mail (@Chromium in app mode with GMail /I had no issue selecting and adding that from my KDE menu, where I have such shortcut/, works only with @KMail so far /acceptable/), Favourites (displays/hides Bookmarks tab in Chromium /acceptable/)

It’s great that all the volume keys and Dolphin are working. Particularly painful is missing Calculator. Home key is not usable, because it doesn’t open a new tab when in a browser and does nothing when not in a browser window; anticipated action would be new browser window or tab. Mail would be great with GMail, works with the KMail though. Favourite key could be put into use i.e. to run Google Keep, it’s too quite useless this way.

Furthermore, can I configure the two extra buttons located on the side of the mouse?

Apart from the KControlCenter, I also installed hotkey package. When I run it in the terminal it ask a hardware to be specified, when I list it with hotkeys -l it provides very limited and AFAIK obsolete list of hardware, where I can’t obviously find my keyboard. There are lots of references in other sources, but not much specific to OpenSUSE+KDE, so I would be grateful for advice how should I proceed.

The hardware is ConnectIT CI-185.



OK, after updates and couple of restarts it mostly started to work. Now I can assign the rest of the keys via the KDE Control Center’s Global Shortcuts dialog. KCalc, GMail, Favourites (opens new Chromium Window), all fine!