Multimedia keyboard

I have Logitech S510 multimedia keyboard. It is wireless and is connected via USB.
So some keys (like “Stop”, “Play”, “Volume Up”…) are working “out of the box”, after making ~/.Xmodmap file…
But some keys are not even seen in xev program. As I understand that “happens” because its keycodes are >255.

So with command showkey -k I’ve got these keycodes for the keys:
Key Keycode
====== =======
Mode-F2 421
Mode-F3 423
Mode-F4 425
Rotate 371
ZoomIn 419
ZoomOut 418
Zoom100% 420
Shuffle 410

But as you can understand making line in ~/.Xmodmap like “keycode 421 = XFWord” don’t do anything!
Using this manual I can get scancodes too (and I’ve got them).

So I know how to get keycodes and scancodes, I know how to use ~/.Xmodmap, but I don’t know how to make them work together!
Question is: Does anyone know how to access all the additional keys on the Logitech S510 keyboard?:shame:

I’have found some manuals exactly for my keyboard, but they are for other distros, and don’t work for openSUSE - I get errors on setkeycodes xxx yyy
Looks like on Gentoo there is different “codes”.