Multimedia installation on Tumbleweed - Understanding

New to Linux and Opensuse.
Installed fresh from two days ago tumbleweed latest. Up to dates.
Installed multimedia codecs using OPI (source
Verified in Yast if system packages were switched to packman repo but none are.
Switching manually does not do anything at all. I am assuming the packages are already installed via OPI.
I must say, I have no issue at all. I can play movies with no pb. This is just to understand how Opensuse Tumbleweed work.

see screenshot →

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All my openSUSE live (but I am not using Tumbleweed) I have, after installation, added the Packman repo and then did the switch to it. Never had problems with multimedia.

When you want to see what repos you have (and of course you may show it in a post for checking by others):

zypper lr -d

Then you say “Switching manually …”, but that is not real information because we do not see the command (or action) used.
Thus better show e.g.

zypper dup --from <whatever the name or alias of the Packman repo is>
but that is not real information because we do not see the command (or action) used

are you saying, even though I made the switch with OPI (packman repo) and installed all media codecs, its normal to see within “yast”, still the

switch system packages..

Shouldn’t I be seeing a message saying that all “system packages” have been switched ?
Let me be clear, I am just asking for my own information. I do not have any issue…

When you used YaST > Software > Software Manager, selected the Packman repo and did the switch, that is fine. But your saying was not that specific ;). And we try to go for 1000% understanding to avoid confusion.

I also tried to provide you with some methods to check for yoursekf, just to get more feeling with the system.

I must admit that I do not know much about opi. Using YaST and zypper since many years.

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And of course, from the same YaST > Software > Software Management and then View > repository > Packman, you can check at right which packages are installed from that repo.