Multimedia in openSUSE 11.1 Beta 5

I’ve downloaded the x86_64 dvd iso and made a clean
install. Got Nvidia-twinview working by downloading
the *.sh file from Nvidia and building the kernel
module. Got Flash 10 working by pulling in the
Flash-plugin using Yast. Now … does anybody know
how to get other multimedia things working, like
dvd playback, mplayer, k3bcodecs, etc.? I know
that these things will be available concurrent with
the final release of 11.1, but some of us would like
to be using beta 5 and the upcoming RC more or less as an everyday platform.

Thanks for any pointers.

Sure, if you look here:
Additional YaST Package Repositories - openSUSE
you will see the repository for 11.1 factory for packman.

So simply add it with:

zypper ar packman 

And assuming you have both OSS and Non-OSS factory added you should be able to install multimedia via YaST > Software > Software Management.

If you do not know what the apps are called, take a look at the packman site (the tab for search works great): PackMan :: Startseite

Thanks … I installed the Packman and VideoLan
repositories and then was able to get mplayer,
win32codecs, and libdvdcss. It might not be
configured perfectly, but I now can play encrypted
dvd’s and navigate around inside them.
So the beta is behaving nicely!

I’ll still do a complete re-install when
RC comes out and another for the final release,
as I am never 100% comfortable with upgrades.
Plus, I can do the whole thing in about an hour.