Multimedia Guide for openSUSE Leap 15.1

Hardware: Acer Aspire Z3-710 all-in-one
OS: Leap 15.1 fresh install

Thank you for providing a very clear set of instructions in post #1. I followed it exactly and encountered only two conflicts (not in any way the fault of the multimedia guide):

problem with installed package libxine2-pulse-1.2.9-lp151.3.3.x86_64
     ] keep obsolete libxine2-pulse-1.2.9-lp151.3.3.x86_64
    [x] install libxine2-pulse-1.2.9-147.1.x86_64 (with vendor change)
  openSUSE  -->

problem with installed package youtube-dl-bash-completion-2019.08.13-lp151.2.3.1.noarch
    [x] install youtube-dl-bash-completion-2019.09.28-lp151.1.1.noarch (with vendor change)
  openSUSE  -->
     ] keep obsolete youtube-dl-bash-completion-2019.08.13-lp151.2.3.1.noarch

I opted to select the non-obsolete packages (based on a hunch and a prayer) and completed the install without any other issues.

Audio players and YouTube videos continue to work as before. Although video DVDs play on three other SuSE installations (two are 15.1 upgrades and one 42.3), the DVDs would not even start here (but they bring up the players). Perhaps they are encrypted. Based on my notes from previous installs, I decided to add libdvdcss2 from YaST (again, based on a hunch and a prayer), and now the DVD plays in VLC, Dragon Player, and SMPlayer (but not Kaffeine, which works on the other machines, likely due to another codec on those). I’m going to quit while I’m ahead.

Again, thank you for the time and effort to provide these invaluable instructions.

You don’t need to keep the libdvd repo active once installed since it never changes. It will simple slow updates.

Thank you. I will change the setting.

I think you are fully correct. I also noticed that on the Manjaro forum where new members kept asking the same basic questions instead of reading the manual, the wiki pages, searching the forums. No, that is too much work. Just ask on the forum and there is always somebody who will answer.
People don’t read and/or study anymore, too much of a hassle: I need the answer now. Give it to me.
Modern times, the fast age, youngsters grow up with a phone glued to their heads. It’s often the only thing they see all day. When they work on a computer it has to be like the phone: working and not be too complicated. But learning? No, that word is not in their dictionary. What kind of hobby is that if you don’t even want to go deep, not even want to learn about it?

Previous post is meant as a reply to oldcpu’ s post. Although it is mentioned in the written text, it is not showing in the final version. On my phone I can not change it.

I always install and It’s work fine for meO:)