Multimedia guide for Leap 15?

After a month since Leap 15 release, still no “official” multimedia guide?

It’s been mentioned before that normally needed repositories and packages don’t change too much among releases, but certainly there are still always minor changes, aren’t there?

well nobody has written it
imo there have been significant changes influencing nvidia users and this can be seen in the forums the drop of the vdpau vlc plugin can cause crashes for nvidia users but adding vlc-vdpau in the default list of packages to be installed negates the reason for it’s removal as it was causing issues for intel users, there have also been more changes like the update of vlc to 3.0 and kaffeine to 2.x which now uses libvlc instead of libxine and has the same problem with vdpau on nvidia chips.
but the guide is more or less the same replace 42.3 with 15.0 in the repo list and add vlc-vdpau package for nvidia users which strangely enough does not exist in obs but only in packman although as far as I know it does not contain any patented codecs as it’s used for hardware decoding on nvidia chips

See if this works for you…

they don’t mention the missing vlc vdpau plugin so either we don’t have a lot of nvidia users or most of them are using nouveau which can support vdpau but doesn’t out of the box

Perhaps. I guess that depends on whether one uses VLC?

just adding my two cents. I had some problems with the provided link. Not available certain packages. Did not saw ffmpeg in Packman. But saw ffmpeg-3. It is very important to set Packman as the preferred source for packages or not be able to watch certain videos in Firefox (H.264).

Check this link for some information: