Multimedia Codecs Opensuse 11.3 RC2 KDE Problem

I am having trouble finding the codecs to play music from my iTunes library on amarok. I am pretty sure these are the codes I need:

How do I install these on kde? Thanks!

Hello and welcome to the forums. You need to add the packman repo for 11.3 and install the w32 codec package. If you need instructions on how to do this, feel free to post back.

Did you add the Packman repository? This is the one I am using at present.

You then follow the normal guide:

Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide

keeping in mind what is different when using openSUSE 11.3 RC2.

I basically updated everything that had a file from Packman and I can play DVD’s and MP3 files just fine. I am not sure what other files you can not play. Also, consider the final product comes out in just four days. I am not sure how time I would invest in a pre-release version so close to the final product coming out.

Thank You,

I have them now. Thanks for the help.

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