MultiMC will not undefined symbol

I can’t get MultiMC to launch in openSUSE 42.2. I downloaded the tar, extracted it, moved the MultiMC folder to home, and then I do this

scott@linux-sywp:~> cd MultiMC
scott@linux-sywp:~/MultiMC> ./MultiMC
MultiMC Dir: /home/scott/MultiMC
No missing dependencies found.
/home/scott/MultiMC/bin/MultiMC: symbol lookup error: /usr/lib64/ undefined symbol: xcb_wait_for_reply64

I googled this and came up with a very bad solution, to delete the complaining library. That crashed the system. Now it is running again thanks to the help in this forum. How do I fix the MultiMC problem?

The regular minecraft launcher works fine on openSUSE for me, just the MultiMC launcher won’t work. My kids are used to MultiMC and having lots of different modded instances on ubuntu and linux mint, so getting MultiMC to work on openSUSE is important to them before they will be ok to use openSUSE.

openSUSE 42.2
java 8
Intel Core Duo 2 core 3.0 GHz processor
NVIDIA 6xx series graphics card with proprietary driver

I just noticed that Malcolm has the fix already here it is post #7 in that thread in case anyone else comes across this problem.