Multicast routing for media server.

I am setting up a media server for my network using Serviio. To make it work, I need to create a route for multicasting. After extensive Googling, I found a post on a Ubuntu forum instructing one to add the line

up route add -net netmask dev eth0

to the file /etc/network/interfaces. This file does not exist in Opensuse 12.1. What is the appropriate file to which to add the code and is it the proper code for SUSE?

Thanks for the help.

The first question which must be asked is whether you’re implementing ifup/ifdown or Network Manager when configuring your network interfaces. If you’re using YAST or Network Manager(recommended), you should not be editing the config files directly.

Also, you should know that you can select most any address within the IP address range allocated for multi-casting.


I am using ifup. What would be the syntax of the route that I’d add? Just the address, mask, and interface? What about the gateway?
Again, thanks for the help.