Multi-media library /management software?

Hi All.

After some googling, I’ve decided to post here, where I know the really smart folk hang out :smiley:

I’m looking for linux software to manage a multi-media collection - tv recordings, music, photos, possibly dvd ISO’s. I would like something with a server - client architecture and is web-browser accessible.

The server will be accessed by the media PC in my family room. This is XP based, and feeds a 47inch television. (I am staying with XP in this instance until nvidia provides linux with full access to purevideo…). I would also access stuff from my home suse workstation.

With those requirements, can anyone suggest something to fit the bill? It would run on a suse backend (PIII 1ghz 512meg), networked with 100mbit ethernet and wireless G.

Thanks for any suggestions.