multi-media files

I’ve had to reinstall opensuse 11 after corruption trying to install kde4.1

I also can’t see all my forum history to find the link to all the files to run kaffeine and amarok other audio visual programs

Where are they?

Guess you want to install restricted multimedia codes. You can find them in this link.

History files are normally stored as hidden files in your /home folder. Depending on exactly what you have been doing, it is possible they were moved during one of the installations and not found during the next. Alternatively, they may still be in your kde3 folders.

I presume you backed up /home before doing any of the installations.

Thanks, but after installing the codecs kaffeine still says it can’t play dvds. What else do I need?

As this has developed into a multimedia question, gonna move it to multimedia section


why would history files be on my hdd? there in the forum on the their server. I just don’t see them anymore.

When you install the codes did you find any dependency conflict? In my desktop I had dependency conflict with ’ libxine1’ codes. ‘xine-lib’ was already installed and was causing the problem. So I uninstall ‘xine-lib’ and the issue was solved.

Make sure that ’ libxine1’ is installed and things should be fine.:slight_smile:

I have libxine1 installed and xine-lib is not installed.

I’m playing jazz from amarok off a cd and I do have dvds playing on vlc for now. Things are getting better after the reinstall and new codecs. :slight_smile:

Have a look at this threat. Thanks to oldcpu for it. Might be helpful.

Thanks, but what does kaffeine to play dvds that VLC doesn’t?