Multi-homed firewall/router with DHCP, DDNS, YAST


I am trying to setup the following scenario on my network:

OSS 13.2
Firewall2/Router/DHCP on two subnets/DNS with Dynamic Updates

The system is running under VMware Workstation with three NICs:

  1. Bridged to a host USB NIC connected to Comcast bridge/DHCP
  2. Bridged NIC to my standard subnet
  3. Bridged NIC to a VMonly subnet,

I have been successful in getting DHCP to supply addresses on each of the subnets by configuring via YAST-DHCP module.
I am having a problem with dynamic DNS updates to BIND; forwarding works okay, but new DHCP leases are not registered in DNS.

Is there a guide somewhere I am missing?
What would be the best resource to check?


So, what kind of “dynamic DNS updates to BIND” issues are you having? Unfortunately DDNS today is a term used by different technologies… eg updating a public DNS pointer using a service like no-ip, and DDNS also the name of DNS integrated into LDAP/AD.

At least for the above definitions, there is usually a setup guide for the former and various guides for the latter (and IIRC the YAST DNS applet also sets up Domain integration).


Sorry, got a call and had to cut it short. So here is the rest of it:

Nic on is
Nic on is

VMs will use for IP and DNS assignment, while the non-VMs will use the

I noticed the keys, and created a couple of keys with files, but I wasn’t following a guide, so I’m not sure if that was correct. (BTW, the box is only running text mode, so there is no YAST module help)

I think that is it.

Yes I know. I haven’t tackled updates yet.

I just want the DHCP assignment to be put in the proper DNS zone, so when I try to access a particular box, DNS resolves it.

If that helps YAST is also available with ncurses interface that runs completely in text mode.

I haven’t done this for quite awhile, but based on a simple Google search…

  • You need to configure a DnyDNS client to set/update based on your current address. Of course, the public facing interface on your openSUSE has to be as a DHCP client (this is the whole reason why DynDNS is desirable).
  • There seems to be at least 2 official DynDNS clients, install one. If it doesn’t run automatically without problems, post either here or to the Networking forum for assistance (and post exactly what you did, what you’re seeing and what you expected).
  • You’ll need to configure an exception in susefirewall for the DynDNS protocol, use the YAST FW applet.

If you’re asking about connecting to a remote address on the Internet, there is nothing unusual in the setup.

  • In YAST > Network Devices > Network Settings
    You can then configure DNS servers in the “Hostname/DNS” tab if not provided by or you want to over-ride what DHCP may offer.