Multi-head application crash segfault ... error 4 in

I have a “zaphod” dual-head setup on my new system. I am running the open-source Radeon driver and the Xfce desktop.

I am seeing many applications crashing on one head when selecting text on the other. The same applications do not crash when they are running on the same head as the text is being selected on.

Every crash reports something like the following in dmesg:

  766.445512] xdg-user-dirs-g[5124]: segfault at 6c ip 00007f63eebae8db sp 00007fff5f4f6db0 error 4 in[7f63eeb53000+9b000] 2992.103095] gnome-terminal-[5350]: segfault at 6c ip 00007f38f479d8db sp 00007fff81bc8b30 error 4 in[7f38f4742000+9b000]
 5958.427000] gnomesu[7945]: segfault at 6c ip 00007f26f87f28db sp 00007fffbdcf8560 error 4 in[7f26f8797000+9b000]
 6098.290627] gnome-terminal-[7751]: segfault at 6c ip 00007f23202c68db sp 00007fffd6114b20 error 4 in[7f232026b000+9b000]
[12195.498562] seahorse[12575]: segfault at 6c ip 00007fbe704128db sp 00007fff49d7a560 error 4 in[7fbe703b7000+9b000]
[19480.319479] y2controlcenter[17999]: segfault at 6c ip 00007fd560c628db sp 00007fff40a5a250 error 4 in[7fd560c07000+9b000]

As seen from the above logs, it is affecting multiple apps, but all are hitting the segfault in libgdk-3. Chromium, xfce4-terminal, the Xfce settings panel, and Thunar appear to be unaffected.

Any ideas how I can resolve this?

FYI This is an upstream bug, resolved in the newly released gtk±3.10.5 package: