Multi-boot with encryption and multiple opensuse installations

Well I’m going to do a clean installation and l’m looking for the perfect setup for a multiboot system with encryption. This is going to be a LVM-LUKS-LVM setup, i.e. every distro is going to be installed on a separate LVM which is inside a seprate encrypted LUKS, which is inside a signle outer LVM. In other words, there is an outer LVM (which is not encrypted), then there are multiple crypt devices and inside each exists a separate distro.

Since there are going to be multiple versions of the same distro (e.g. Leap and Tumbleweed), I’m going to use custom grub menu to handle possible grub issues.

In the past I have done all these separately on different occasions, but never all together and I probably have forgot the correct procedure or little details. Hence I’m asking here, can you guys point me to guides on how to do this (or even better, guide me here yourself) and also give me some tips like things to avoid or plan for, etc.

I think I’m going to install Leap first, then tumbleweed, then many other distros.

I am quite happy with my current setup. But it is a lot simpler than what you are suggesting.

I have one LVM. More correctly, I have a encrypted partition, with one LVM inside.

The encryted LVM has volumes: root1, root2, root3, home, swap.

I have Tumbleweed installed using root1, home and swap (and a separate unencrypted “/boot”).
I have Leap 15.0 using root2, swap (and a separate “/boot”). It mount the home volume as “/xhome”. So desktop configuration files are in “/home” which is part of the root file system, but with symlinks to “/xhome” for everything else that I normally access. And Leap 15.1 is similar, but with root3 as the logical volume for root.

I could manage without the separate “/boot” partitions, but it simplifies crypto to use them. I’m pretty sure that you would need separate “/boot” with your nested LVM idea.