Multi-boot issues, please help

I had a running system with a dual boot WinXP all updates and Ubuntu 8.10. Everything was running great. Then I ran across your Distro, thought it looked cool too. Now heres where things fell apart in a hurry. I made room on my hard disk, and installed Suse 11.1 to the new partition. I did not see any option to prevent the boot loader from installing. So when it was all said and done here is the story. The Suse loader took over the MBR, suse would load fine, went to load ubuntu, got an error 15 on all distro’s (Not Good) tried booting to windows and that went ok. Now it will only boot to windows, just as if there was nothing else installed. So where do I un-do this mess. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I can rebuild the drive from scratch, but that would take a long time and that will be my last resort. That said and done what order after the window install should I use, SUSE first or Ubuntu? Is a shared SWAP file doable? HELP!!!

From what you say, it sounds like you had a SUSE grub bootloader - But now it’s vanished and it’s just as if all you have is Windows.

Rather odd if that’s the case: Grub can’t just vanish.

Possibly the easiest solution for you is to re-install SUSE (Just out of interest did you use the live cd or the dvd to install). The question is, do you know which partition is which?

Ideally we could do with a
fdisk -l
output - Maybe you could use the live cd to do that?

Disappearing grub, eh? This couldn’t be as simple as the wrong partition being marked active could it? If you load the install disc and select “Boot installed system”, does it work?

If it is that, you can fix it easily using super grub disk, or a liveCD or similar.