MTP problem using FTP instead to connect android phone

Since I have MTP problems I am using FTP instead to connect android phone.

this method is infallible but I must have a wireless router, the problem with mtp is that I can not depend on it because it is too much problematic, is there another solution to connect the android phone to opensuse but with the usb cable?


I actually use DroidNAS on the phone, through my wifi router, and use cifs to mount the phone as a local drive.

I run Unison for synchronizing, and can use Dolphin (I am in KDE) and any of my other programs the same way I would on any of my local partitions.

So far, all activities are quick and flawless with this method.

Also, much more convenient, because I do not have dig for and plug in a USB cable.

Unfortunately, I cannot answer your main question directly, because I have had no motivation to go back to the USB cable.