mtp mount for Nexus 5 and Nexus 7

Hi, this is most likely a dumb question but I have a problem with my Nexus 5 phone and Nexus 7 tablet. When I connect them to my pc, I can browse through the content of the phone or tablet using dolphin. However, I don’t know how to navigate to these devices using a shell. Both devices are Android-based which I understand now uses mtp to interface with pc.

I want to copy my pictures from the phone/tablet to my pc using a cp -p command.

Thank for your help.


It should work out of the box
Check you have android-tools installed

Yes, it is working out of the box, since I am able to navigate within the devices in Dolphin, as I mentioned in my post. What I don’t know is how to navigate to the device within a shell. Dolphin indicates a path starting with eg mtp:/Nexus 5
When I try this path in a shell, it is reported as invalid.

I think you’ll need to investigate one of the CLI methods outlined here:

Thanks for the reply. Could not really make it work with simple-mtp or kio-mtp (default install in KDE)… however, I realized that copy-pasting in Dolphin preserves the original timestamp of the copied files, so I do not really need some fancy shell scripting here.

Thanks for the suggestions