MTP GUI tool needed

Hello community,

I persuaded my girlfriend to use openSUSE 11.1 as main operating system. Everything went fine with some help of wine. :wink:
But now she bought a Samsung YP-Q1 media player and she would rather return using M$ Windows than using a terminal.

I have to prevent that to happen!

Some guys have developed MOrganize, even banshee has plugins for MTP but I need a solution for KDE! Please help!

I’m a developer but I don’t have the time to code everything on my own. I have C, C++, C#, Java and wxWidgets experience.

Thank you in advance!

Try this Media

Amarok 1.4 has good mtp device support, Amarok2 (from version 2.2 I think) has support now also. I have found it will only write to the devices base directory.

I have just been using drag and drop in dolphin works fine.


P.S. Be interested to know how you go with album covers. My Sony Walkman was very fussy and I found the problem was that it only took the older version ID3V2.3 tags with covers 240x240 plus.

@Jonathan_R: Thanks for the tip, I just added a line for the YP-Q1 and that worked fine, so that I now can access the player with amaroK (but only the playlist).

@Steve: How did you manage to use dolphin and MTP? Do you use mtpfs?

By the way: I found out that digiKam can access the whole file hierarchy on the player no matter which kind of file.

Many greetings

Oh, having a google round it seems my walkman uses mtp it will also mount as a mass storage device so that is what it must be in dolphin.


Thanks, that leads to a new idea. Perhaps the device has multiple USB modes.
The config of usb_modeswitch has only few devices included. During my diploma thesis I already had to sniff at the USB bus in Windows to idetify the related USB control message.

I don’t want to change the firmware. So that could be the solution. I’ll try.

Many greetings



Now jumping forward almost 2 years… MTP is a requirement again for new things like Xoom. Why they went with MTP is beyond me, but I am not finding any support in Opensuse for mtpfs. Can anyone help? I really don’t want to abandon Opensuse, but I have been fussing around with this for two weeks now.

Return it and get a Sansa. Clip+ is the best music player I’ve ever had.

Packman provides mtpfs for openSuse. There are several documentations how to import the Packman repository. Packman is also needed for all other cool multimedia stuff such as mp3, DVD playing,…

RPM Search SuSE 11.X

Here is the repository where I downloaded from: Index of /pub/mirrors/packman/suse/11.2/
Or have a look at the authors page: MTPfs « Dual Elephants
He provides Debian packages. You could use “alien” to install it on an RPM-bases system.

I think that the package is no longer maintained because many music players support mounting them as simple USB storage after firmware update (set to MSC instead of MTP).