MSi GT72VR-6RE issues with Linux

I’m not able to put a finger on the “exact” issue but, I found just to get Ubuntu to work, I have to turn off fast boot, secure boot and adjust my TPM in my bios to TPM 2.0 with 1.x compatibility. MSi for some reason seems to create their laptops, the gaming ones as mine with “Windows only” in mind. is there some way for me to shoot you a file to allow you to extricate things in my system and “flush out” issues that can be addressed in future builds?

I’d really like to get off of windows someday…

Did you try to install with “no-KMS” or “nomodeset”?

Exactly what issues do you see does it install? do you get a boot screen? can you boot to a terminal? ie when does it fail and what do you see or don’t see?