MSI GS60, Wifi and Bluetooth drivers

I have just received my MSI GS60 laptop and installed my favorite OS. Everything was alright until first boot: just after Grub selection, I have this error message:
ar3k/ramps_0x00000200_0.dfu file not found
Bluetooth: sysconfig file not found

After some research, the bluetooth and wifi drivers doesn’t exist for Linux (new hardware, have to wait a bit for linux drivers release). The fact is I don’t use bluetooth, and I can use Wifi dongle so is it possible to bypass this message? I have installed Ubuntu also, I have the same message but it disappears after one second and the boot is ok.
Another thing that’s weird with OpenSuse: 2 times I succeed to boot (error message dissapears like Ubuntu), but it works only 2 times… other times I am stuck on the error.

I tried to disable Wifi and Bluetooth, then reinstall OpenSuse thinking hardware was “invisible” but it didn’t work.

Thank you for your help, and sorry for my english