MS offers BestBuy employees Anti-Linux training

According to a leak from a BestBuy employee, Microsoft is initiating a sort of “Anti-Linux Training” course for the employees, and those who take part in the said training are rewarded with a copy of Windows 7 for only ten dollars

Microsoft Offers BestBuy Employees Anti-Linux Training

Such practices should be illegal, if they aren’t already

Sad but true, this sort of thing has been going on for years. M$ is strong and the stores will do anything to keep their primary supplier happy. Having spoken with staff who took the training they express how soon Linux of any flavor will no longer run on any form of PC as M$ implements it’s anti-Linux software detection strategies. They (M$) are scared. To trash talk the public may work for now but eventually it will backfire. (I hope sooner than later)

I agree with you above. MS is very desperate currently and honestly sounds like confused in what to do. They have tried over the years many things to damage linux, including launching bogus-claims campaignes, yet nothing has really worked out for them. Also, a screenie of the Best Buy lobbying

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Funny that Linux doesn’t support free software downloads, considering the whole system and its apps are free rotfl!