MS launches anti-Google ad campaign

wonder why?

What does DistroWatch write about YOU?:

Typical M$ FUD tactics.

Windows is no longer Microsoft’s largest money maker. Microsoft makes the most money from its business division, which includes Office. Google Apps could eliminate much of Microsoft’s profits if enterprises adopt Google Apps in lieu of Microsoft Office. This is the reason for Microsoft’s anti-Google ad campaign.

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MS just got another competitor with Intel’s decision to distribute LibreOffice for Windows through its AppStore.

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thanks for moving–sorry for misplacing (never want to cause extra work)…

i had kinda thought the Cloud/Network vs Desktop/Local question is as
much ‘technical’ as anything else in the near future for seamless
communications via mobile or static devices…

i think MS is repeating the mistake they made in 94/95 when they had
passed judgement on the internet and decided to mostly ignore it
(remember, Win95 was released with an icon on the desktop to direct
connect to MSN, an AOL like ‘portal’ requiring monthly
subscription)…then soon had to scramble to catch up…

i think the part in the ad where the potential purchaser says
(something like) “Oh, you can’t use it [google apps] without the
Internet?” means they still don’t get it!

but now that i think about it, and read other’s inputs, the thread is
(you are right) better placed here…sorry.

What does DistroWatch write about YOU?:

Google Apps is more than just an Office replacement on the client side too. Companies moving to Google Apps can also move off of MS Exchange servers and Active Directory, two prominent, and arguably more significant, Microsoft technologies popular in the Enterprise and a massive money-maker!

On the one hand, you can’t say those shortcomings are not possible, however unlikely. A lot of those arguments are the same for any cloud solution, though including Windows365. Microsoft’s difference is that their 365 isn’t a stand-alone cloud solution. In that capacity it basically sucks. To get something half-**** useful out of it you need to run Windows and Office. Then it improves its usefulness.

Now I wonder what a LibreOffice and ownCloud integration/merge would do to the market …