MS Domain Authenticated user getting lost.

Sparingly when a user authenticates to the MS Domain, sometimes even after a successful login the user appears to get lost. When you look at the permissions of files in the users home directory they show nothing and when you open a Terminal window it says “I don’t know who I am!>~/home” but somehow manages to know where it’s home directory still is. If anyone has any insight into why this may be happening I would appreciate some feed back.

As a side note it appears that the DC is not able to be reached at some points, and the machine loses track of who the authenticated user is.

This has happened in KDE 3.5, 4.1RC2, and Gnome2.x

Ive been having issues as well. Seems to find the Domain ok…
Even to the point of letting my know host is not a member of this domain. But course when I enter the Authenticate info. It searchs etc… And soon tells me cant find domain or ADS in the domain. I dont remember this issue with 10.3 or was slow but least it would Authenticate ok to the domain.