mplayer quicktime plugin for Firefox


I’m trying to play quicktime (streaming) movies in firefox and therefore followed this guide:
MPlayer Mozilla/Firefox plugin

But it didn’t succeed as i don’t find the mplayer plugin in my add-ons of firefox.
I placed the file into /home/.mozilla/plugins and /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins folder but without success.

Could someone give another guide or another way to play quicktime movies in firefox please?

If you have Packman repo do this as su

zypper in gecko-mediaplayer

That takes care of most things

But for apple movie trailers you may need more
Tell me if you are kde or gnome

I did as you proposed, but it didn’t work out very well. Instead of viewing a ‘download .mov file dialog’, I now see a movie player window popping up, but the movie doesn’t play or it is loading forever. Clicking play doesn’t help.

I’m on opensuse 11.3 with kde and used the one-click multimedia solution when it was fresh installed.

thanx for your help

You may need to remove whatever you installed previously
And in Firefox Prefs > Applications
You can set plugin prefs for specific types if necessary

Try installing all the gstreamer stuff

And check your packaging with what is listed here
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide


Apple recently started filtering based on user-agent QuickTime. However, a patch is being worked on this week.

Please refer to:

gecko-mediaplayer - A Firefox plugin to play media off the net using gnome-mplayer - Google Project Hosting

Remember to have fun!


Follow up

I was able to create a hack with Firefox 4 to get the gecko-mediaplayer working with Apple trailers.

Step 1. Type in: about:config
Step 2. Right-click and select New → String
Step 3. Type in: general.useragent.override
Step 4. In the next field type in: QuickTime/7.6.2 ( qtver=7.6.2 ; os=Windows NT 5.1Service Pack 3 )
Step 5. Once finished navigate to: iTunes Movie Trailers and see how it works.

Remember to have fun!


I actually set FF to use Totem browser plugin with gstreamer and no hack required
But gecko-media-player for most everything else

I see your primary DE is GNOME. I think there must be more people working on the GNOME plugins than KDE.

The gecko-mediaplayer still has a way to go. However, this problem with the Apple trailers has been going on for the last 6 months.
I’m surprised that it has taken this long to patch up. Packman hasn’t updated gecko-mediaplayer for at least a month.

Three files should be updated in April:

  • libcurl
  • gnome-player
  • gecko-mediaplayer

I’d like to check out the Totem plugin. However, I thought I would pass on the info. I’m sure some one can find it useful.