mplayer plug-in opens full screen only on display 1

Earlier I could watch streamed video in full screen on either display
of my dual display setup, depending on where my browser window was
when I switched to full screen view. Now it will open on display 1,
also when I have my browser window on display 2. This doesn’t suit my
display arrangement or working habits.

It doesn’t matter what browser I use, I have tried Konqueror, Firefox
and Opera.
Flash- and Moonlight plug-ins still behave like thy used to and opens
up full screen on the display of my choosing in all three browsers.
I do not have this problem when I use a Mplayer based stand-alone
player like SMplayer.

What puzzles me is that I haven’t updated Mplayer and mplayerplug-in
lately. I have updated KDE though.

Has anyone else noticed this change in behaviour? Is there some
setting I fail to see?

OpenSUSE 11.2
KDE 4.3.5-3.3
Packman version of Mplayer, mplayerplug-in, codecs and anything else
related to Mplayer.