mplayer is missing on opensuse 12.1 32.bit

Mplayer is missing on opensuse 12.1 32.bit. Anyone have this issue and been successful installing this dependency? Google led me to some rpms but I wasn’t successful in installing them.

Not just 32bit. I’ve done a fresh install of 12.1 x64 today, enabled the packman repo, and I can’t install mplayer/smplayer:

nothing provides needed by MPlayer-1.0rc4_r34327-6.1.x86_64

also prevents installation of xbmc and others

Try here:-

Index of /suse/12.1/Essentials/i586/

Doesn’t work here.
Isn’t that just the packman repo?

Thanks dth2, it seems to be working now. I got an error when trying to install the rpm with apper (default package manager). It said it couldn’t find usr/bin/apper. I tried installed the rpm from the command line and it said the package was already installed. I then tried removing mplayer and reinstalling and it seemed to work so everything is ok now.