Mplayer interrupted by signal 11 in module :pause

I have opensuse 11 using gnome

I install mplayer and it works fine except when i pause. When i press pause it freeze ok but when i restart it crash geting this error:

Mplayer interrupted by signal 11 in module :pause

i press ok and get this error:

mpalyer crashed by bad usage of CPU/FPU/RAM recompile with --enable-debug and make a bd’backtraca and disassembly. Deatails in DOCS/HTML/en/bugreports_what.html#bugreporsts_crash

What can i do to make gmaplayer work nice?? I enjoy it so much


Are you using versions installed from Packman?
What about other Player? ie; VLC or Kaffeine

yeah iam using packman.
and i’ll try using Kaffeine and see if the problem still exist

Kaffeine is working fine
but what about MPLAYER??

Try preferences - video

gl X11

i did it but what is the relation between pause and video?


But just an idea. if it didn’t work, just try something else. I really don’t pretend to KNOW the source of your problem.

anyway thank you, i guess Kaffeine is good and by the way mplayer is working good, but i want to know what caused this problem to be ware for it at next time.

I suspect it was related to your graphics display driver and the settings in mplayer for output

  • which is what we were tinkering with.