Mplayer: can't dump or play a certain stream


I’m having some trouble dumping a wmv stream using mplayer:

mplayer -dumpstream -dumpfile foo1.wmv mms://

I’m getting: No stream found to handle urløm20090312.wmv?MSWMExt=.asf

I can’t play the stream in mplayer either.
In VLC I have no problems with the stream.

My guess is mplayer is having problems with the %c3%b8 which is a Danish accented letter.

Any suggestions on how I dump this stream are much appreciated.


Are you using the Packman version of mplayer, or the standard openSUSE (purposely crippled to avoid possible copyright infringements) version?

If you haven’t added the Packman repo and changed your media players to those versions, then that could be the reason.

Plus you will need to install all the naughty codecs that allow you to play those copyrighted media.

Unless of course you live in the US, then it is illegal.

Search the forum for multimedia codecs for more info.

Good luck :).

Oops, sorry, I misread your post!

Just ignore me :).

I don’t think it’s the mplayer version that’s the problem.
I’m using from Pacman.

I’ve dump’ed this stream without any problems:

But it doesn’t contain any “funny” characters. :slight_smile:

I have a sneaking suspicion that it’s
that’s causing the problems?

I just noticed this thread …

If its an mms you are trying to download, then install MiMMS packaged by Packman:
PackMan :: Package details for MiMMS
note it is packaged for all the recent openSUSE versions.

For a front end, you can use:
PackMan :: Package details for gMiMMS
It uses GTK±2.x for the graphical user interface, which also happens to work well under KDE3 (and I assume KDE4)

You can read more on it here GMiMMS and here

Its a very simple easy to use interface.

put the URL in quotes