Mplay dependency

I’ve tried to install mplayer (and a bunch of other things like it) and all show a dependency to libmpcdec.s0.3 . The packman and the openSuse repository have mplayer, but none have libmpcdec.s0.3 ! Anyone know where I can get the both, or at least libmpcdec.s0.3?

If you go in to YaST -> Software Management and select the checkbox “RPM Provides” in addition to the others preselected, then you can search for libraries like libmpcdec and have a package show up.

The packaged for that particular one is libmpcdec5, and it is from the standard openSUSE repo-oss



I just realized that you are looking for not Sorry about that. Depending on what your system is, it could be that someone at packman made the RPM link to the wrong library. They are pretty good at fixing those quickly.


What is your output:

zypper install MPlayer

linux-sr5c:/home/XXXXXXX # zypper install MPlayer
Downloading repository ‘Packman-RPMs’ metadata [done]
Building repository ‘Packman-RPMs’ cache [done]
Reading installed packages…

Problem: nothing provides needed by
Solution 1: do not ask to install a solvable providing MPlayer

libdirectfb comes with DirectFB or DirectFB-64bit in the openSUSE OSS repositority.

IMHO you are either inappropriately mixing 32-bit and 64-bit applications, or you failed to setup the OSS repository.