mpich2 rpm which?

I was looking to install the message passing library MPICH2.

In yast with my repos, only mpich 1 comes up.

I tried looking for unofficla repos that had it,a nd in fact google threw up a user called Rotkraut’s repor directory, but thought he google search engine could see it, I couldn’t.

So I went over to the mpich website and saw that several rpms were available for different version of fedora.

Is it useful to try those? And if so, which version? Fedora 10? Fedora 11? Fedora 12?

Thanks for reading.

Hello stabu,

First of all could you tell us which version of openSUSE you have?

Never use rpm’s build for other distro’s!
It is possible that it will work but you can get dependency problems.
For example the fedora package needs another package that’s not provided by openSUSE or openSUSE has the wrong version.
So you install another Fedora package.
But this package needs a newer version of a system package.
When you install the Fedora package there’s a chance that openSUSE doesn’t work any more.
Or even worse some openSUSE system packages need the older version of that package.

I searched myself and found a rpm for openSUSE on the MPICH2 website.
Here’s the link:
It isn’t the latest version and I don’t know if it works because I don’t know for which version of openSUSE this package is.

Good luck!:wink:

Hi Edward,

Thank you very much for your thoughtful answer!

I take your point about using rpm’s from other distros/versions. I suppose I should have expected that, if I had thought more deeply about it.

Yes, I had seen that rpm on the mpich2 site. It’s the x86_64 one I want however, not i586 … but even still I downloaded it in the hope of pulling out the .spec file. Though again, I should know that .spec files only come with the src.rpms (which I find that exasperating).

I’ll keep looking though.