mp4 video not playing HTML5 web page in Firefox after updating to openSUSE 13.2

I have a web page that has an mp4 video (h.264 encoded) which played correctly in Firefox 37 on openSUSE 12.1. I just installed openSUSE 13.2 and now it won’t play the video, instead showing the error:

No video with supported MIME type found

I installed all the multimedia codecs (as recommended on this forum) from packman and restarted but it still won’t play! What do I need to do?

Is it possible to post a link?
Or PM me

Are you sure packman is setup correctly?
as firefox uses the OS’s build-in codec to play h264 video can you play regular mp4 files in vlc/kaffeine?
how to get an mp4 file for testing, you can get one from youtube just use one of the many youtube grabbers for firefox
the thing is it’s not just adding packman as a repo you need to set it as the system repo and replace rpm’s that are already installed, the easiest way to do this is start yast->software management, chose repository view pick the packman repo and click on the blue link that says switch system packages to this repository, or you can do a zypper dup --from packman

edit some pages do need adobe flash to play mp4’s you might need to install flash-player

Adding “gstreamer-0_10-plugins-ffmpeg” solved the problem.