Hi I am new to all this took me a while to find out how to do this.
I cant play Mp3 using any of the players k3b said I had to down load something called
MAD MP3 and k3b mad mp3.
Not sure where I down load these from.
Hope someone can help

Follow this
Multi-media and Restricted Format Installation Guide - openSUSE Forums

But you also need k3b-codecs from Packman

The codes mean nothing to me.
Which ones do I down load How do I down load them seems to be a lot to pick from.
And where do I get these MAD MP3 and k3b mad mp3.From

Just confirm what version of openSUSE you are using please

And are you kde or gnome desktop?

I am using kde and open suse 11.2
There is a few things I cant get working on it at the moment I hope I can get it all up and running, Truing to down load skype error i586 and printer

open suse 11.2 64 bit

There is a Oneclick for multi-media but I don’t like them. But you seem to be struggling so here

Try this too: