Mp3 files not associated to VLC?

Just did a clean openSUSE installation with GNOME desktop, ran zypper up and did the 42.3 multimedia guide verbosely.

I noticed by installing the suggested packages vlc-codec-gstreamer gets pulled anyway! Cannot remember whether as dependency or just a recommended package, but it does. So one ends up having both vlc-codecs and vlc-codec-gstreamer packages installed!

But now I have an issue. In the rig I had to remove vlc-codec-gstreamer and install vlc-codecs mp3 files were given the option to be opened either with Videos or VLC if right clicking. The vlc-codecs package did not pull vlc-codec-gstreamer, I’m sure of it, so this last one was really absent in this rig.
Now in this rig, by following the updated multimedia guide vlc-codec-gstreamer got pulled by some package, but now mp3 files can only be opened with the Videos app. WTH!?


Strange, now VLC option is back…
Only things I did were install rar and comix packages, KVM through Yast, then rebooting. WTH? They’re unrelated!

Well, in the end, is there a more advisable app for playing mp3, whether “Videos” or “VLC”?

clementine is nice
I use amarok
if you’re a gnome user try Rhythmbox

First thing with any Multimedia problem is to check if the “Vendor switch to Packman” is done. And to be sure, repeat it. Many here will only try to help on multimedia problems when that is 1000% sure, else all suggestions for solutions will be more guesses in the dark.

Just like I mentioned in first post, “did the 42.3 multimedia guide verbosely”. So I’m sure I correctly applied the Packman repository switch with “zypper dup --from packman”; I even confirmed by going to Yast, so yes, I did repeat as well.

I reed your post #2 above as that it is resolved. Is that the case? When not, what is the problem?

I don’t think he has a problem he’s asking for our (opensuse users) opinions about decent audio players for Linux while vlc and xine can play mp3’s they woren’t written with audio in mind they’re video players
that’s why I mentioned 3 imo good audio players clementine, amarok and rhythmbox some time ago I did use banshee but it’s development was stopped the last version is available in a user obs repo (banshee is 4+ years old)
while amarok is the default player under kde desktops and it’s development seams to have stalled (last version being almost 4 years old) so I’d suggest clementine or rhythmbox as the OP seams to be a gnome user rhythmbox would be a better choice

the OP can try

zypper in rhythmbox


zypper in clementine

or both
I do believe both rhythmbox and clementine use gstreamer as a backend and if gstreamer is from packman they should open all supported audio formats

my mistake apparently amarok is being ported to KF5 but it’s taking them longer then expected