MP3 decoder being packaged in openSUSE

MP3 codecs being packaged in openSUSE!

? always has been… gstreamer/fluendo mp3 is free to use but a binary blob.

MP3 codecs being packaged in openSUSE!

MP3 codecs patents have expired or are unenforceable in most of the world, only in the USA the last core patents expired Apr 2017, so is “largely” patent-free

Tumbleweed is now installing Gstreamer with MP3 decoders. No word on encoders.


It’s not really that big news though.
mpg123 is in Tumbleweed since about two months already, and ffmpeg ships with mp3 decoding support enabled since about the same time, and wine too.
And of course there we have gstreamer-fluendo-mp3 in openSUSE since years, which enables MP3 decoding support for gstreamer too.

No word on encoders.

AFAIK those have to wait till the end of the year for all patents to expire.

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