MP3 Broadcasting Applikcation


Maybe someone can help me.
I am searching for An Software like Sam Broadcaster for OpenSuse 11.
on open suse 10 i have found a programm that gui is darkice.
but i cant bring it to work. So it must have a talkover function for the mic and must can stream any mp3.

So i hope anybody knows one good app that will do this.
The Team from special Audio says to me they hope to bring out an Unix version of his broadcaster soon as possible. but it can be one week or one year…

Thx for answers.

And one question else:
Is there a way to play “The Setlers 6” on v11? I know wine. but this Software is a big lough at the moment. 3 of 100 Programs can be run with this app…

greetings from germany

You can try Icecast or GNUMP3d. You can also check out this page for other mp3 streamers.


Thx for answer.

But i dont search for a server app.
I already use Shoutcast as a Server.
Now i want to stream songs as a DJ to this shoutcast server. And this from Suse 11 (KDE).

Because i will can delete Windows. But i cant, because i dont have all needed Software.


Nobody can help me with my question? Or doesnt exist any streaming Software for DJs? Please help. Thx.

On Wed, 09 Jul 2008 23:06:04 GMT
Bollywoodradio <> wrote:

> Nobody can help me with my question? Or doesnt exist any streaming
> Software for DJs? Please help. Thx.
So do you like the darkice program? If so and you are having trouble to
compile, then I would suggest starting a new thread in either
applications or multimedia with your problems.

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Is there no better App?
SpacialAudio Solutions, LLC - Home there is the Sma Broadcaster with pics. And that is a gread Program for Windows. But i cant find a clone or a Software nearly to it.

Darkice isnt that what i want. It is to simple.
The Program can be commercial but it must be better as darkice.


Until you find a linux equivalent you could try to run it under wine:
Wine AppDB - SAM2 Broadcaster 2.8.x

or as an interim get by with command line:
Gentoo Linux Documentation – Streaming Radio With SHOUTcast

maybe Internet dj console, but I don’t think it is quite there yet:
Homepage of Internet DJ Console