MP3 + Amarok + GStreamer backend = seek problem


The problem is reported many times. So, I will not write a lot :slight_smile:

Initially I used opensuse 11.4 with updates + non-OSS, all of alsa and pulseaudio from /multimedia:/libs/ repository. The problem appears randomly. Experimenting with different package combinations I found that problem shows only when using Fluendo GStreamer plug-in for mp3 support. If replace Fluendo plug-in with mp3 decoder from gstreamer-0_10-plugins-ugly-orig-addon mp3 seek works perfect.

Can anyone confirm this?

So, my guess that problem is somewhere in Fluendo plug-in or interaction of this plug-in and GStreamer.

I did see another post with some problem with this package:

Fluendo GStreamer plug-in for mp3

And some users were getting distorted sound with the gstreamer backend in kde

I use xine or the phonon-vlc backend. Both seem to work better.

In my case distorted (clicking) sound was caused by pulseaudio from standard repository. After updating pulseaudio to one from /multimedia:/libs/ repository sound became almost good (very rare clicking). After pushing pulseaudio to realtime scheduling sound became perfect.