MozillaThunderbird- breaks enigmail

I updated my Thunderbird yesterday to MozillaThunderbird- from the openSUSE Mozilla repo @ Index of /repositories/mozilla and it broke enigmail. Rolling back to MozillaThunderbird- from the openSUSE-11.1-Update repo fixed enigmail.

The enigmail web site suggest it may be a packaging problem.

See this link: Enigmail: Enigmail Support

I have been using the openSUSE provided enigmail from the openSUSE mozilla repo for many months. This is the first release from that repo to break enigmail for me.

Here’s to hoping it is a simple fix that the repo maintainer can correct and I can switch back to the openSUSE Mozilla repo package instead of the repo-updatee version.

Same problem here, i have disabled it for now, since although the pgp,pgp2
are installed, the plugin is not working


as far as I know the latest version of enigmail is broken :frowning: