Mozilla stopped launching

openSuse 11.0-GNOME

A lot of times after the first launch of Mozilla-Firefox, if I shut down Firefox and then try to launch a second time, the icon timer will just whirl for a while and then go away and Firefox won’t launch.

The only way to recover is to log off or reboot and start again.

are you SURE you are shutting it down, and not just minimizing it?

next time it happens:

  • open a terminal and type

top -bn1 | grep firefox

then press enter

  • if nothing is returned, then there is no firefox running and you have
    a problem i can’t solve from here, now…

BUT, it something is returned–i just did it here and got something like

4087 [user id] 23 0 3852 1340 1136 S 0.0 0.1 0:00.00 firefox
4092 [user id] 15 0 315m 101m 26m S 0.0 10.1 7:04.37 firefox

which shows TWO processes (numbered 4087 and 4092) being used by firefox…

IF you see that look VERY carefully in the task bar, between the menu
button on the left and the clock on the right and see if you can’t find
a small thunderbird icon…if you can, then single left click on it and
it should pop up on your screen…

if you can not find that icon, you must KILL the firefox processes that
are running…

to do that just type the actual process numbers YOU see on in your
terminal on YOUR machine after running the top -bn1 blah blah above,
like this:

kill [process number] and hit enter

for example, i would type

kill 4087 and hit enter, and then
kill 4092 and press enter again…

THEN, if you click on the firefox icon you usually use to launch, it

and, report back here so maybe someone can figure out why/how you can
close firefox and it STILL be running!!

DenverD (Linux Counter 282315)
A Texan in Denmark