Mozilla Seamonkey 2.1 update

Today I did the Seamonkey 2.1 update. I found out that some of the add-ons or extensions did not work. They were disabled, due to incompatible versions. I found out a simple solution. I hope this helps some.
This helped me with the Webdeveloper, fxif and Novell Moonlight extensions.

In the file install.rdf is an element called MaxVersion. Change this to 2.1.* and the extensions work again.

The file install.rdf is to be found in ~/.mozilla/seamonkey/user-thingies.default/extensions/{extensioncode}
The changed code for Moonlight looks like this:


Good luck if you are a Seamonkey user.

Although I’ve seen that fix in the MozillaZine forum, I have never used it.

I just may try it out. I do miss the Webdeveloper extension.


I missed Webdeveloper also. I may have read the solution within the Mozilla reported bugs. But that doesn’t matter for the solution. Just to help you any further. Some (also webdeveloper) have these codes between accolades. Mine is {c45c406e-ab73-11d8-be73-000a95be3b12}. I don’t know if the number is standard. But I found the appropriate extensions by clicking the ‘chrome’ directory. There I found a webdeveloper.jar file, so I knew I was at the right location.
The part with the Seamonkey version in the install.rdf file is where MaxVersion has something with 2.1.b1 of 2.0.*
My new code is:


I hope this helps you.

This approach would mean that i will have to tweak all the addons which are not compatible

I use “scripty add on” by using add-on-compatibility-reporter to disable all add on version checks

I also found that instead of using moonlight as a browser add on(will load huge amount of moonlight code and make browser sluggish),i will turn it into a plug by installing it from the repo

I added the Add-on Compatibility Reporter, thanks for the advise.

I also find that you can use scriptish(with assistance of Add-on Compatibility Reporte) instead of greasemonkey as greasemonkey doesn’t seem to work in seamonkey 2.1