Mozilla Seamonkey 1.1.16


Mozilla has recently issued two new versions of Seamonkey (1.1.15 closely followed by 1.1.16). Alas, none of them is offered to me, either by the online updater or by the software installer in Yast.

I have openSUSE 10.3, and indeed when I look into Index of /update/10.3/rpm/i586 there’s no .rpm or .delta.rpm for these versions, whereas the .rpm exists in Index of /repositories/mozilla/openSUSE_10.3/i586

Is there a place where I should report this inconsistency (if that’s one)?


Not an inconsistency,one is for updates from opensuse & one isn’t Just add the Mozilla repo to your list of repositories & update that way,it’s what i did ( Yes, i use SeaMonkey all the time ) so i have the latest version( thinking of trying the beta version as well )


Thanks for answering. I don’t understand what “updates from opensuse” are: previous versions of seamonkey (up to 1.1.14) are in /update. Aren’t updates supposed to bring security fixes?

So, I have to subscribe to all repositories containing software I use? (so that I’ll have to browse all subdirectories in Index of /repositories to find which ones are relevant)

Updates do bring security fixes, it just takes a bit longer to get put into the official opensuse update repo’s.You only need to subscribe to individual repo’s if you must have the latest & most cutting edge software.Using the standard repo’s,it takes a bit of time to filter through.


Thanks, now I’m a Less Puzzled Penguin. :wink: