Mozilla repo for Leap 42.2 is empty?

Hi all,

Recently, it’s not possible anymore to install a more recent version of Firefox from repo:

For Leap 42.3 and 42.1 there’s still the repodata.

Somebody knows what’s going on?

Is there a place where I can report it?


The repodata is there, but there are no packages…

As you can see here, all packages are “excluded” for 42.2, i.e. they won’t get built:

AFAIK, the latest (non-ESR) versions need much newer devel packages (rust in particular) than available in 42.2. I suppose that’s the reason why they are not offered for 42.2 any longer, and it is one of the main reasons why the Leap updates follow the ESR versions.
You should get the latest 52ESR versions via standard updates anyway.

If you want/need a newer Firefox, either install it from directly or upgrade to 42.3. 42.2 will be out of support in 4 months anyway.

Is there a place where I can report it?

You can report it at (same username and password as here), component “Firefox”.
I have no idea whether this will help though…

The issue seems to be resolved by itself. The content of the repo is available again.

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