Mozilla Firefox : translations not showing


As far as I can remember, this bug has been appearing regularly over the last fifteen years or so.

My system is installed in French. Firefox is installed, as well as the common translations package.

[microlinux@bernadette:~] $ echo $LANG
[microlinux@bernadette:~] $ rpm -qa | grep -i firefox

All applications in KDE show up in french as expected, except Firefox, which shows up in english.

What now ?

Probably related to

Thanks for the heads-up. These recurring bugs remind me of an adult that has to be potty-trained every couple years. :\

It’s not really a bug, but the way the translations were/are pre-packaged in openSUSE apparently stopped working in the latest Firefox versions.
This has been adjusted (in the 78.0.2 update that wasn’t submitted to Leap yet), but that caused a different problem now: